Tuesday Turn-On: Survivor 5.18

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Remember when you were Barely Legal, Trying to be Cool?  You told White Lies to make it in the in-crowd.  They taught you bad Habits. It was like being caught in a Riptide.  You went to their parties. They told you if you were High For This, then maybe you'd Get Lucky. You didn't like how they Operate, these Kings without the courage of a Lion's heart.  So you went your own way, Left Alone, to reach your own Higher Ground. And now they're all Howlin' for You.

Enjoy this week's playlist!

TUESDAY TURN-ON: Coachella pt 2

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The festival has 2 weekends. So here is the second Coachella Mixtape featuring Local Natives, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Phoenix, Postal Service, TNGHT, Baauer and more...

And an added bonus to pump you up this Tuesday-- my personal video recap-- so you can either relive the moment or be insanely jealous :-D


Voted "Best Playlist. EVER"



Friday's are always wild.  It's the kick off to our weekend, the end of an arduous work-week and most of you just wanna have some FUN!  Last Friday @ Union Sq Soulcycle- my 1pm class let loose.  Sprints, Dancing, Sing alongs, and serious calorie burn was just part of it.    Everyone was bugging me for the playlist afterwards, so here it is!

Voted "Best. Playlist. Ever."   (although even I might not agree, it WAS a damn good playlist...)

the final song was one of my faves....

(listen here):  The National: England



Phoenix Re-Mix

Phoenix Re-Mix

Happy Warm Sunny Sunday Afternoon!   Check out the new Lisztomania remix/cover by Edwin Van Cleef with female vocals and a colorful landscape.

Edwin Van Cleef - Lisztomania (feat. Jane Hanley)

“Do let’s do let’s go slowly. Discouraged…. These days it comes it comes it comes and goes”

Till Tomorrow!