Tuesday Turn-On: Bonnaroo 2014

Tuesday Turn-On: Bonnaroo 2014

Although I won’t be heading out to Bonnaroo this year, I put together a list of some of my favorites from the festival for all of you that are.  I must say, this festival line up looks RAD. If you have the chance to make it down there this year, definately take it.

Tuesday Turn-On: SXSW Picks


South By South West (SXSW), a music conference originally intended to feature local musicians and unsigned artists, has now turned into a corporate sponsored week-long party.  This year is bigger than ever, thanks to the iTunes festival, Lady Gaga and secret shows by JBeibs.  It's hard to sift through the hype and find up&coming acts on their grind, driving broken-down vans, schlepping their own equipment and promoting their music over youtube and soundcloud pages.  I happen to know a few incredibly talented artists fitting just this description, thus I present you with my "SouthBy" picks of 2014.

Enjoy the party and be safe, kids! xx

Tuesday Turn-On: Fever Dream

Every night I've been chasing warm weather and sunshine in my sleep to get me through this season.  Here's a dreamy hour long playlist for some warmer nights, even if you're spending it under the covers.  Step Rockets Kisser, Tegan and Sara Closer,  Young Summer Fever Dream and Laura Welsh Undiscovered are my personal favorites.  Enjoy.

You're the only one that I've got. But I can't get lost in you. I can't get lost with you.  I can't be someone that I'm not... t0 make it up to you. You're undiscovered. I wanna see the rest of you.  I can't get next to you. 



OKAY, so I got a little distracted by the cute animals and hot male models I've been working with recently, but my summer mix is finally here!  All the favorite songs you've been hearing in my classes are all compiled into the ULTIMATE summer jam playlist.  A few of my favorites?





Tuesday Turn-On


I know it's been a while since I did this ON A TUESDAY-- but here it is.   The Turn On:  a few songs, artists or albums that turn me on... each Tuesday.

With a new remix every week, this song just doesn't get old.

With a little bit of Miami booty bass sound, this cover really works for me.  Yes, Azealia.

Let it Go has a more packaged pop sound than the last song I posted of theirs, Sweater Weather, but I still dig it. If you've never heard of them, check out both.