Tuesday Turn-On: Spring Fever

Tuesday Turn-On: Spring Fever

It's in the air!  Temps are rising. Even NYC is warm.  Time to come out of hibernation and refresh your playlists.  This week's Tuesday Turn-On is full of new jams to put a 'spring' in your step.  Dig in and get out!

Tuesday Turn-On: Fever Dream

Every night I've been chasing warm weather and sunshine in my sleep to get me through this season.  Here's a dreamy hour long playlist for some warmer nights, even if you're spending it under the covers.  Step Rockets Kisser, Tegan and Sara Closer,  Young Summer Fever Dream and Laura Welsh Undiscovered are my personal favorites.  Enjoy.

You're the only one that I've got. But I can't get lost in you. I can't get lost with you.  I can't be someone that I'm not... t0 make it up to you. You're undiscovered. I wanna see the rest of you.  I can't get next to you. 


Tuesday Turn-On: Spring Jams


Here's a short collection of favorites to accompany you as the weather warms...  (Click to take you to Spotify:)

this one may not play in Spotify, so to be sure, here's the FREE Download:

Tuesday Turn-On (a day late): Be My Valentine

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 4.43.07 PM

It's that time again... V.D. duh duh dunnnnnnn! However you feel about it, I've made a playlist for all with 43 tracks that are dancey, shouty, weepy, lovey, and downright weird. But first, grab this FREE DOWNLOAD of the aptly titled Army of Love remixed by my main man, Fakemoney,1 half of my band No Way Josie (PS- We're playing Saturday @ Knitting Factory).



Spotify playlist :  LOVE & WAR

Tuesday Turn-On: Cameo Nights

Screen Shot 2012-10-12 at 11.07.59 PM

An unmarked club. A dark cavernous room with high ceilings and haunting reverb. Wavy lights hitting an art installation above the stage... Cameo Gallery.  One of the best places to be watching new music in Brooklyn. My band, No Way Josie is playing on their illustrious stage on Saturday Jan 26th, along with Ducky and Psychic Twin.  So this Tuesday, allow me to turn you on to Cameo's Saturday line-up!  Full Spotify playlist HERE TONGIHT, Tune in LIVE as we spin songs from our (unreleased) album on Then see the show LIVE on Saturday at Cameo. 8pm Psychic Twin. 9pm Ducky. 10pm No Way Josie.


As many of you know- I'm one half of an electronic duo called | NO WAY JOSIE | . I'm super excited to bring you our 1st single and title track off our upcoming album, FREAKNESS.  It's sweaty, sexy, wild, a little wierd and totally workout-worthy.

All you have to do is "Like" us on FB and you get a free download. Sweetness.     ...I mean- FREAKNESS!

PS.  if you like what you hear, we are playing The Flat in Brooklyn with Teen Commandments tomorrow @ 8:30.  Come get wild with us! PPS. Our debut EP (released in 2011) is available on iTunes & Spotify

Music to Get You Through

Word from NYC is that you are going through withdraw.  To be sure, any change is difficult to take.  Free of my busy NY life, I've had much more time to sift through new music and make some grand playlists. Here's two of them: Wake Up! is to help get you moving whenever you just can't seem to do it.

Blink is what calms you down when you're freaking out.    I made these for Heather, and for myself, and for anyone else who is coping with the new:  new season, new cities, new faces, new goals.

4 preview songs- Click to listen (full downloads below):

ELLIE GOULDING: Anything Could Happen (Birdy Nam Nam Remix)
We Are Never Ever Coming Home Again (Taylor Swift x Kanye West) CHVRCHES: The Mother we share J. Cole - Werk Out (OVERWERK Remix)

WAKE UP  On Spotify  / On iTunes / full playlist (w/remixes) download here

BLINK     On Spotify / On iTunes  / full playlist (w/remixes) download here