Fast Kale & Cornbread Salad Recipe

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Make something insanely yummy with LEFTOVERS! One of my favorite salty/sweet salads is KALE + CORNBREAD. Try it. It's GOOD. And it only takes 3min!



Red Onion


Balsamic Vinegar

Sesame Oil

Hot Sauce of Choice



5 Tips for Surviving Thanksgiving


Whether your holidays are a stressful time or a warm-and-cozy-over-eating-extravaganza, here are my top 3 tips for keeping Thanksgiving HEALTHY and POSITIVE:

1. SIMPLIFY TRAVEL.  If travel is a stressor- consider scheduling non-traditional dinner times and even dates.  My family typically celebrates Thanksgiving on Friday instead of Thursday. It allows me to skip the crowds at the airport and bus stations, and as an added bonus, it keeps me away from the any shopping on Black Friday.

2. PORTION CONTROL.  It's not always about WHAT you eat but HOW MUCH.  Choose a to eat from a smaller plate whenever possible. Throughout the meal, pause- take a sip of water - and check in with yourself.  Honor your body's signals. When you're full- put the fork down and enjoy the conversation.

3. QUALITY OVER...It's a holiday, ENJOY IT! Take walks. Use the time off to book your favorite workout classes. Try a new hobby or sport that you don't normally have time for.

4. SLEEP.   The 4 day weekend is the perfect time to get some extra rest.  Lack of sleep has been linked to weight gain due to impaired fat cell function. You can also take some extra time to plan out your week, including workouts and an extra hour of sleep per night!

5. WORKOUT.  I'm teaching not 1, but 2 90 Minute Turkey Burns this week but if (gasp!) you are NOT within reach of a Soulcycle- there are a few WRKOUTS 2 GO that you can do anywhere- yes, anywhere.  I keep them short and intense. You will get your 15minutes worth.    ;-)

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