2Min Challenge: Legs!

2Min Challenge: Legs!

Start your timers. Here's 4 moves, 60 reps, and a whole lotta leg burn.

1. Do this challenge. 2. Post your times in the comments below on YouTube. 3. Tell me how you feel! (especially the next day ;) ow ow ow ow owwww.

Your Excuse is Invalid

Your Excuse is Invalid

Got an excuse? I'm sure I can crush it faster than you can finish telling me it. EXCUSES ARE BULLSHIT. Don't like to run? DON'T RUN. Today there are over a million different things you can do to get in shape for every fitness level, and every body type. Get to work, and get moving.

Baby Got Back! Workout

Baby Got Back! Workout

Abs are great conversation starters but what happens when you turn around? Take muffin tops, saggy buns and chicken wings off the "Summer Specials" menu with these handy moves for a tight backside.

PMS Abs...yes you read that right.

PMS Abs...yes you read that right.

It's that time of month and you want to die. Sorry boys, skip to 2:27 if you don't want the girl talk. But all you ladies know what I'm talking about. You're bloated, uncomfortable, and don't want to leave your house. This is a quick follow-along ab workout that won't make you want to vomit any more than you already do. When you get over the hump, pair this workout with high intensity cardio/high intensity interval training (HIIT) for a total body workout.



Who can do more pushups? Jump lunges? Triceps? What does my new apartment look like? What workout should I do everyday? All these questions and more are answered in this video. enjoy.

music: Fake Money & No Way Josie

Nashville NONSTOP!

photo 2-2

New video day! As you know, I just completed a cross-country road trip.  Spending hours in the car isn't really a fitness geeks idea of fun. So I planned a workout in every place we stopped.  I got to try out new things, check out trending studios, and spend my driving days sore and satisfied.  Here's the first video from the road featuring... NASHVILLE where I got one to try one of my all-time favorite classes at The Hotbox. So watch the video and follow along the NonStop tour...


Those Poor Serfs

Joseph King "Call Bobby" (catch me dancing in this music video!)

No Way Josie "Freakness" Turnup Remix **FREE DOWNLOAD**

The Hotbox (LOOOOVE THIS PLACE!) A kick-ass hour-long cardio kickboxing workout.

Sunflower Cafe

Nashville Bike Share

The Family Wash: Laundromat-turned dive bar with live music.



I'm in ZION and I ain't got no TIME for a full workout! I got mountains to climb, yo. Whatever your EXCUSE you can't excuse yourself from a workout that takes 5 MINUTES. If you can't fit in 5 minutes, then you really are damn lazy. And lazy people don't have abs. sorry. Now get off your butt and do this workout!!


follow-along in real time:

#1 :20 Squat Kicks / :10 High Kees

#2 :20 Plyo Jacknife / :10 High Kees

#3 :20 Left Side Kick / :10 High Kees

#4 :20 Rt Side Kick / :10 High Kees

#5 :20 Mountain Climbers / :10 High Kees



Miley's Twerkout Game

photo 2

While the Smith family watched Miley's amazing VMA performance like this:

I was busy making the now historic performance into a "twerkout game".   Exactly what is a twerkout game, you may ask?  Well it's like a drinking game except it will make you get off your lazy bum and burn calories like crazy.   My latest video will explain it all...



Hey Nonstoppers! If you’ve been following my YouTube channel, you know that I’m a tad scatterbrained. I dare you to find another fitness channel that combines pushups with puppies, male models, and prancing robots. So, it may surprise you that I am, in reality, very goal oriented.

How do I set goals?

1. Break it down!

We don’t eat a cheeseburger veggieburger whole. We take bites. And that’s how you should see your goals. Break them up into small, very obtainable steps.

Let’s say your goal is to be 20 pounds lighter by September. Well, that can be pretty challenging, but if you say “I’m going to up my cardio by two sessions per week,” that’s a bit more manageable.

2. Write it down!

Get a notebook or an app for your phone and jot this stuff down so you don’t forget. I’ve got tons of notes! All of them are little ways of me breaking down the larger goals into more manageable tasks.

3. Hold yourself accountable!

Look, I don’t meet all my goals all the time, but I always try to hold myself accountable. If you find yourself constantly setting goals and never going through with them, then you only have yourself to blame.

Watch the video for more info and write down your goals in the comment section!

Piglets, Puppies, and Planking Reps

KymNonStop cute animal video

So I’ve been thinking…they say exercise is a lot of work for little reward. But what if I could personally reward you just for following along with my workout videos? In my latest video, I do just that by providing a cute animal picture for every rep!

Puppies, kittens, and even a piglet! These pictures were submitted by you, Nonstoppers! And they are awesome and cute and funny all at the same time. But you only get to see them by following along with my workout.

The way it works? Watch the video! Do a rep and a cute animal pic will pop-up on the screen. Enjoy!