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HIIT: Ballz to the Drywall!

HIIT: Ballz to the Drywall!

What do you do when you stumble upon an abandoned warehouse?...Film a workout video!  DUH.  Today I'm back with another HIIT workout that will kick your ass...just watch.  I am dead by the end of this.  This session features 5 moves I am really feeling right now.  It will work out your ENTIRE body.  Three rounds for 7.5 minute workout, 6 rounds for 15 minutes.  Now DO IT! #BallztotheDrywall

Your Excuse is Invalid

Your Excuse is Invalid

Got an excuse? I'm sure I can crush it faster than you can finish telling me it. EXCUSES ARE BULLSHIT. Don't like to run? DON'T RUN. Today there are over a million different things you can do to get in shape for every fitness level, and every body type. Get to work, and get moving.

Tuesday Turn-On: Electronic Summer

Tuesday Turn-On: Electronic Summer

It’s nothing new to say that summer is the time when electronic music booms.  Festivals are everywhere, and DJ’s are on every corner.  This week's playlist is inspired by just that; hot summer nights, shakin' it to your favorite electronic masterminds.  I know when I’m in Brooklyn, and the sun is setting, you can always find me getting down to Dirtyfinger’s latest mix.  He throws an awesome party, locals in the area; get.on.that.

Tuesday Turn-On: Spring Fever

Tuesday Turn-On: Spring Fever

It's in the air!  Temps are rising. Even NYC is warm.  Time to come out of hibernation and refresh your playlists.  This week's Tuesday Turn-On is full of new jams to put a 'spring' in your step.  Dig in and get out!

Tuesday Turn-On: SXSW Picks


South By South West (SXSW), a music conference originally intended to feature local musicians and unsigned artists, has now turned into a corporate sponsored week-long party.  This year is bigger than ever, thanks to the iTunes festival, Lady Gaga and secret shows by JBeibs.  It's hard to sift through the hype and find up&coming acts on their grind, driving broken-down vans, schlepping their own equipment and promoting their music over youtube and soundcloud pages.  I happen to know a few incredibly talented artists fitting just this description, thus I present you with my "SouthBy" picks of 2014.

Enjoy the party and be safe, kids! xx

Tuesday Turn-On: No Way Josie Remix FREE DOWNLOAD

Holiday time! And I'm in the spirit of giving so here's a FREE DOWNLOAD! The bass-heavy, sick-minded duo Turnup just released an ill remix of our single, FREAKNESS and it's so.good.   Get it now. Share it with a friend.

Because, in the warm words of Fakemoney, "It's Christmas in this Bitch".

Tuesday Turn-On: Fall Moves


It's crisp and new like a pair of back-to-school sneaks. Sexy and soft like your favorite sweater. A little dark, like your autumn commute home at round 7.  It's my fall playlist.  Click, listen, sip something warm, or take it with you on a crisp fall jog.  The highlights:   Banks track "Change" off her newly released EP,  Twin Shadow's epic Old Love/New Love, and an electro-badass newcomer SOHN.


As many of you know- I'm one half of an electronic duo called | NO WAY JOSIE | . I'm super excited to bring you our 1st single and title track off our upcoming album, FREAKNESS.  It's sweaty, sexy, wild, a little wierd and totally workout-worthy.

All you have to do is "Like" us on FB and you get a free download. Sweetness.     ...I mean- FREAKNESS!

PS.  if you like what you hear, we are playing The Flat in Brooklyn with Teen Commandments tomorrow @ 8:30.  Come get wild with us! PPS. Our debut EP (released in 2011) is available on iTunes & Spotify

Audible Treats


It's that time of year when you can't go anywhere without facing brownies, cookies or a bowl full of red and green M&M's!  Stay calm.  Go back to your laptop, slip on your headphones and delight yourself in some audible goodies instead.  Put them on your iPod and look forward to your workout! It'll be 6 o' clock before you know it and the whole world awaits--- far more thrilling than a 5min sugar high.

All of these songs are on iTunes.  Go nuts!

This is the FULL Diplo EP but you will recognize the very first song, Express Yourself, from my spin playlists... ("and they mad cuz I'm hot and they wish they was!")

Playlists: Wed Bands + Soul

It's been a while since I posted a whole playlist- but tonight you earned it with hard work and lots of sweat!  Click the songs for free downloads....

BLACK TAXI: TIGHTROPE * Black Taxi does an incredible live show + they're playing a live show at the Knitting Factory, Brooklyn this Saturday.


THE KNOCKS: Dancing With The DJ (Chiddy Bang Rmx)



Full playlists below.


BANDS 6:15pm