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2Min Challenge: Legs!

2Min Challenge: Legs!

Start your timers. Here's 4 moves, 60 reps, and a whole lotta leg burn.

1. Do this challenge. 2. Post your times in the comments below on YouTube. 3. Tell me how you feel! (especially the next day ;) ow ow ow ow owwww.

Rehab Workout: Knee Stabilizing Moves

Rehab Workout: Knee Stabilizing Moves

Today I sit down to discuss one of the most frequent video requests I get: rehabilitation workouts.  My badass co-worker, Laura Crago, is currently in recovery from a DOUBLE knee surgery.  But that doesn’t stop her from getting her workouts in.  She’s making the best of it, and blogging her entire experience.  Check out her blog here.  Laura shares her favorite moves for rehabbing them ol’ knees!

New Workout Video: Buns N' Guns

New Workout Video: Buns N' Guns

Tone your bum in time for some sun.   All you need for this workout is a towel!  Go grab one and press play.  This is a follow-along workout to tighten your butt and sculpt your guns. Don't just sit there. DO IT!



Who can do more pushups? Jump lunges? Triceps? What does my new apartment look like? What workout should I do everyday? All these questions and more are answered in this video. enjoy.

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I'm in ZION and I ain't got no TIME for a full workout! I got mountains to climb, yo. Whatever your EXCUSE you can't excuse yourself from a workout that takes 5 MINUTES. If you can't fit in 5 minutes, then you really are damn lazy. And lazy people don't have abs. sorry. Now get off your butt and do this workout!!


follow-along in real time:

#1 :20 Squat Kicks / :10 High Kees

#2 :20 Plyo Jacknife / :10 High Kees

#3 :20 Left Side Kick / :10 High Kees

#4 :20 Rt Side Kick / :10 High Kees

#5 :20 Mountain Climbers / :10 High Kees



December Goals!

It's DECEMBER!!!! AUGH! What the hell? Where did the year go??? Wait. I need to make another GOAL! You too. What are you doing this month? What's your December goal?

Don't Let School Make You FAT!

Most college students will gain between 15 and 25 pounds by the end of their sophomore year. One of the main causes of the freshman 15? Lack of exercise. Here's  a great graphic that breaks down the stats and offers simple solutions for how to stay healthy.  Oh, and another great way to get your back-to-school exercise anywhere/anytime?The KymNonStop Youtube channel.  Short, no-equipment in-home (or dormroom) workouts for your freshman booty.  Go check it out!

The Best Regimen for College Fitness

graphic offered by

How To Make Your Own Sandbag (+ my fave 5 moves with it!)


BEACH DAYSSSSS!!! Relaxation, sun, margaritas... and beer bellies?  Don't let this happen to you!  I've got just the solution:  BEACH WORKOUTS!  Check out my latest video to find out how-to make your own sandbag and use it in a workout.  It's SO easy, kinda fun and VERY effective.   So you can get your full workout in BEFORE you pass out face down on a towel with your margarita.  (don't forget your sunscreen!!!)

Here's what you will need: 1. Medium Sized duffle bag 2. All the spare plastic shopping bags you can find

Now watch the video!  (I've included a step by step below:)

Step 1. Take the plastic bags and fill them w/ 5-10lbs of sand.  In the video I do about 5lbs each. I don't use a scale. I just go based on feel.  If you want to be precise, you will need a scale.

Step 2. Place the plastic bags into the duffle bag.  Fill to the appropriate weight for your workout.  If you've never worked out with sandbags before, I recommend keeping it light to begin with just to adjust to the feel.  For the video I filled 4 plastic bags to approximately 5lbs each for a total of 20lbs.

Step 3. Fill in all the empty space with the rest of your empty plastic bags to create a tightly packed duffle bag.  This will make the bag easier to manage. Zip it up.  Now you're ready to workout!

Follow my video for some great moves, or get creative and do your own.  Working out with a sandbag in the sand will burn between 20-80 extra calories per exercise!  It's especially great for strengthening and toning the legs and thighs. So slather on the sunscreen and enjoy a burn of a different kind!

The Pre-Party Workout: The Best Way to Workout Before You Work It

Here is a breakdown of my latest YouTube video “The Pre-Party Workout”, where I show you the benefits of getting the body ready for dancing, drinking, and…whatever people do at parties these days. Follow along with the video for the best results! CAUTION:  Keep your warm-up short.  Cardio, although usually a healthy practice before a workout, will make you a little puffy. This workout is designed to give you a pleasant glow, get your heart rate elevated, and give you a bit of flattering definition so that you’ll look and feel your best before going out. Try to get your cardio in the morning or the days before.

This workout works the calves, obliques, butt, shoulders, chest, core, and more.

1. Plies (1 Round of 20) – get up on the balls of your feet. Slowly come down into a squat while staying on the balls of your feet. Try to maintain good posture – imagine you are squeezed between two panes of glass.

2. Dips (1 Round of 20) – sit down and place a step stool behind you. Then, grab the stool and extend your arms keeping your feet on the ground. You should look like you’re about to crab walk. Then, slowly bend your arms at the elbow and extend – you will feel the weight of your body on your arms as you do this. It’s sort of like a backward pushup. Make it harder by lifting a leg.

3. Pushups (1 Round of 20) – I recommend a wide position (feet and hands beyond shoulder-width apart) if you’re looking to get more definition in your chest and shoulders. Make it harder by placing your feet on the stool to get a little elevation.

4. Side Plank Arm Wrap (20 Reps on Each Side) – position yourself on your side and prop yourself up using the side of your forearm. With your free arm, reach up and back and then twist having your free arm wrap across your body. Make it harder by lifting your hips as you reach under.

5. Side Bends (20 Reps on Each Side) – down on all fours (a la pretending to be a dog). Lift and extend one leg back. Then, bring the knee in toward your shoulder. Repeat this motion – it should look like you’re kicking someone behind you. This works the core, back, obliques, and butt!

By the end you should be nice and pumped. Remember to hydrate – and I DO mean with H2O not just with CH3CH2OH (that's vodka...also the nerdiest joke ever). Hydration is key to looking good, feeling good, and y’know that whole survival thing we humans do.

Now go tear it up!

Look Sexy Naked for Valentine’s Day!


Ever feel like this guy?

You’re not alone! And with Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I figured I’d share some moves to help you get a tighter butt, flatter tummy, and all around sexy body in time for VD!…probably should think of a better abbreviation.

Here’s the plan:

This week, add these moves (2 sets of everything) in addition to your current routine:

1.  Squat with a Donkey Kick - 40 reps

Great for the legs and the butt! Stand up straight. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart. Come down into a squat position. Stand back up but lift your leg back behind you as you do. Repeat and lift the other leg back. You should feel it in your glutes!

NOTE: It’s important to alternate one leg and then the other – if you attempt to lift both legs at once you will most likely fall down. ;)

2.  Kneeling Side Kicks – 20 reps, each side.


These tone the thighs & butt. Begin by kneeling. Lean to the left. Place your left hand on a mat under your shoulder and your right hand behind your head with the elbow pointing up. Raise your right leg until it is parallel to the floor. Holding the torso steady, kick the leg to the front and then to the back. Keep your knee straight.

3. Standing Side Crunches – 20 reps

These target the obliques (aka LOVE handles). Stand with feet shoulder-width, hands behind head. Lift right knee to side; pull right elbow down. Return to start; repeat on left side; that's 1 rep.

4. Walking Lunges with a Twist:  10 reps (Add a dumbbell or plate if you have one).

These target the legs and obliques. Stand with your feet hip-width apart.

(A). With your right leg, lunge forward about three feet until your right thigh is parallel to the floor and your left knee is nearly touching the floor. At the same time, twist your upper body 90 degrees to the right

(B). Twist and step back to start, then repeat, stepping with the left leg and twisting to the left. That's 1 rep.

5. CARDIO!!!  Soulcycle, running, jumping jacks, stair climbing, jump roping, cycling, whatever!  Try adding 10min to your routine. If you do cardio just 4x's a week, that's 40 extra minutes!  ...or if you never do it, that's 10min/a day better than sitting on the couch!


Your body will feel healthier, and while getting results requires you to stay consistent over time-  the confidence you gain is instant!