#FourBefore CHALLENGE!

#FOURBEFORE is a 4-week workout plan that targets 4 areas in 4 workouts.  Begin this week and the final workout will be released on the day before Thanksgiving... the ultimate cheat day!  
Today I posted Workout 1: Arms.  Here is the plan for this week:

Complete Arm Workout Video 3x
Complete 5 sessions of Cardio (20min or longer)

For example, my workouts are scheduled like this:
Wednesday Nov 2- ARM VIDEO + 2 Spin Classes
Thursday Nov 3-  1 Spin class + 3mi jog
Friday Nov 4-  Training ride (cycling 4hr) + ARM VIDEO (w/o jumping jacks)
Saturday Nov 5- REST day (short commuter ride only)
Sunday Nov 6-  AM + PM Spin classes
Monday Nov 7- Spin Class + ARM VIDEO
Tuesday Nov 8- Spin Class + Yoga

Diet Tips:
All-you-can-eat veggies. 
1 serving of lean protein in the morning and after each workout (min 10g)
Eliminate fried foods, chips and candy.
Pre-workout fuel: Fruit and Black coffee or Red Bull
All-day: Water!
Alcohol: no more than 1x/wk

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