Cheers to a Healthy 1st Pregnancy!

Victoria 10-8 to 10-26 157


7 weeks after giving birth I fit into my jeans. All be it not the easiest fit, but they did manage to close! A feat in itself, I think. Although I'm probably still near 10 pounds away from my pre-baby weight I managed to spin at Kym's Saturday morning Soul Survivor class ...the weekend before my water broke in a cab to work Monday morning! But, it's not all about fitting into a pair of jeans. Kym's class kept me mentally sane, physically stronger and most importantly happy. On our first "date" after our daughter was born we went to Kym's class - laugh all you want, we love her and we love the class. So..for all you pregnant to your doctor..but if you go at your own pace, listen to your body and just do as much as you can, I'd recommend it..if for nothing's a nice community that is there for you during and after the process...and the support is so nice when you show up 4 weeks after giving birth and you feel like you will never be able to put on those skinny jeans... Xo, Sharon


Sharon is an inspiration. She worked out every week of her pregnancy- and glowed with health and happiness all throughout.  Thanks for the update!